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Lei Jianmin,secretary committee of the CPC,Vice mayor of Chaozhou city investigated BOYU Group

On June 14, 2011, the vice secretary committee of the CPC, vice mayor of Chaozhou visited us.some officials from Chaozhou and Raoping government such as Xiao Yuxin,Liu Shaorong,Zhan Songhui,Cai Wenhong accompanying with.

After visited and listened to the introduction of general manager Mr.Yu,Lei Jianmin is happy with our achievement such as products passed the approval of several internal safety certificates,products been sold to more than 80 countries,China Famous Brand,Guangdong Top Brand Pruduct and Guangdong Famous Brand.In the meantime,he hope that BOYU can make persistent efforts,increase more investment on product research and development,develop more high quality product,to occupy more market share at home and abroad.Make good use of Guangdong Aquatic Testing center,increase more investment,enlarge production,improve the company,form the aquatic business group,make aquatic business the pillar cornerstone industry of Raoping even Chaozhou city.